Milly Muxworthy is a portrait and lifestyle photographer working with others to capture a sense of personality and individual style.

With an interest in continuing to build a sustainable way of living, Milly is keen to work with those who share this belief and who intend on making positive social and environmental change.


Ed & Ad 21 - Gallery Different, London, July 2021

Era - Online Exhibition, March 2021

The Girls Take Over - The Bottle of Sauce, Cheltenham, March 2020.

Living from Art - The Sober Parrot, Cheltenham, March 2020.

Sussex Oakleaf - Market Place, Burgess Hill, May 2019.

​Grocery Gateway - Narwhal Gallery, Toronto, May 2018.

Brighton Met Design Show - Pelham Tower, Brighton, June 2017.


Era - Take Care Zine, February 2021.

Life Now - Somers House Zine, December 2020.

Issue 1 - Margo Magazine, August 2020.

ISO - ISO Magazine, June 2020.

Creative Ritual - Creative Ritual Zine, April 2020.

The Birthday Issue - Farid the Zine, March 2020.

The Metamorphosis Issue - Farid the Zine, December 2019.

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